CLinkTM licenses facilitate legitimate use of digital content created by Content Management Systems (CMS’) and registered in CLink.ID registry. Currently available for WordPress as part of the wpCLink plugin. The plugin is open-source and free for personal, non-commercial use.

License Features

  • A license for the creation can be requested either from the published content or from its registry records.
  • Identifiers of creation, licensor, and licensee are incorporated into the license.
  • Licenses are signed electronically and stored in the CMS for both the licensor and license.
  • Licensee’s rights and associated rights transaction are registered.
  • Licensee’s (linked) creation gets registered with reference to the original creation.
  • Attributions are displayed at the linked creation and canonical URL is created pointing to the referent creation.

The Licenses

The licenses are aligned with the Personal and Business Editions (to be released) of the CLink plugins.

Versioning of licenses allows a flexible implementation of new features, permissions, and prohibitions.

Permissions and Prohibitions are controlled by right categories grouped by preset (“hardcoded” in the license) and programmatic values:

Preset Licensed Right Categories

For definitions please see the License Template

Current Programmatic Permissions Levels

  • Add To May append delivered content or taxonomy
  • Modify May omit, modify, or supplement the delivered content or taxonomy

“Personal” license is available at this time to support the beta phase of the wpCLink plugin with programmatic permissions levels for taxonomies on post or pages and for headline, description and keywords on standalone images.

In upcoming versions, content for posts or pages to be assembled in multiple Text and/or Media Fragment Groups and permissions will be independently assignable thereto. Embedded Media and Text are handled as single fragment groups and are uneditable in the current 0.9 version.

The license is shown in template style since the parties of the licenses and the data associated with the creation are customized each time a license is created.


Royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, non-commercial license for personal use on post or page.

Royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, non-commercial license for personal use on image.

Royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, non-commercial license for personal use on image listed on the Marketplace.